Always different with the pros

0604151042I’m finding that my kids are very different with other people than they are with me.  I’ve heard that from other parents before, as well as preschool teachers who later became parents themselves.  Why is this the case?

Oh well.  Finally got the girls their first real hair cuts.  I have been cutting their bangs out of their eyes but it was time for someone who knew what they were doing to have a go at it.

While K was having his haircut, I found out that I’m the mom that’s constantly chasing her kids with “don’t touch that!  Put that back!  Come back here!!”  I hate being that mom but I’ve got two that are interested in everything so I’m not sure how to avoid it.

0604151040bI warned them that Teeny Tiny was going to fight the hair stylist tooth and nail because that’s what she’s always done at home whenever we touch her hair.  Bringing out the hairbrush makes her scramble away yelling “no no!” and she’s been doing that since long before she had enough hair for it to tangle.  But for the pro, not even a flinch!  We even pushed our luck and had her braid it and not one peep!

The girls turn 3 tomorrow.  Moving on Friday.  FIL scheduled to arrive in the area some time today.  Busy week!


About alexmmr

I'm a mom of twin girls in the Pacific Northwest. I run a small pottery studio out of my backyard which makes me the Mug Making Mama!
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One Response to Always different with the pros

  1. Jodi says:

    Happy Birthday girls!! Super cute pics


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