One of those moments and other news

Ya ever have one of those moments where nothing specific is happening but you get that wave of “THIS is why I did this”?

Just had one of those moments.  Nothing special is going on, we’re just getting through the day as usual around here, and the girls went chasing each other off to another room.  And I got socked in the face with “THIS is why I had kids”.

They’re finally independent enough to entertain themselves (or each other) and then come to me later to tell me all about it.  To have thoughts, opinions, ideas, and desires that I didn’t put there, but that they created all on their own.  Little people who are letting me be in their world means a whole new world I get to explore.

In surprising news, our last indoor cat suddenly died a couple of nights ago.  The cat that was the nanny cat to the girls.  She was staying with my parents while we’re stuck in this apartment so we weren’t there for her in her final moments.  We also had no idea that her final moments were coming any time soon.  She went to the vet for a full work up about 6 weeks ago and everything was found to be normal with the exception of a small thyroid problem, but the problem was so minor that they concluded it didn’t warrant any treatment.  This is a big blow.  We have lost 4 cats in 2015!  Buster is still sticking around the property through all this destruction, but he’s also losing weight and about 15 years old so I don’t expect him to last another year.  Two years ago, we had a total of 7 cats, we now have 1 that we expect to lose any day and we’ll be down to zero.  It’s difficult, and a major adjustment.  I suspect we’ll adopt a pair of cats some time relatively soon once we’re all settled from our current life upheaval because we are absolutely pet people.  But this time, we’re going to adopt low maintenance, well behaved cats.  We’ve done our time as charitable adopters, taking in those that no one else would want, it’s our turn for good pets.

In other news, K is being transferred out of the store he’s been at for the last 3 1/2 years.  Hallelujah!  He has been miserable at work since the day he started working under this general manager.  One of the major issues has been her insistence that K work far more than the standard hours, that his schedule be inconsistent, insane, and changeable at a moments notice, and even with him tolerating and being there for all of the wackiness, she would still make claims that he was unreliable and always gone from the store due to family things.  If only what she were saying were true, my life would have been pretty honky dory all this time!

K has learned from the district manager that K’s general manager has basically been in his ear all this time smack talking K which obviously has been a damper on his career prospects.  But DM had a sit down with K, let him know that gee, she has the same complaints about K that she had about her previous 2 assistant managers who, well whaddya know, did just great once they were transferred out from under her and were working for a different boss.  So now K is going to work under a different boss and actually be given the opportunity to be considered for a promotion with a fair assessment of the quality of his work without it being dampened by the bitches verbal poison.

Great!  Well, kind of great.  You see, we finally got K convinced to say “fuck it” to work and start putting his energies elsewhere.  Why the hell not since apparently putting his effort into work didn’t improve his paycheck at all, he may as well get that same paycheck at half the effort.  He got himself a talent agent who is submitting him for acting roles on some really cool TV shows.  This has started literally in the last few days.  We finally decided that if K was going to have a reputation of being unreliable and calling out, he may as well get the perks of actually being that way.  Maybe get a few acting jobs which remind him of who he is (seriously, he’s come to life again since starting this) and any one of those jobs would be a months salary for a days work into our pockets.

Now the question – is this promise of being evaluated for a promotion just another incentive to make the monkey dance without ever having to hand over the banana?  Or is a banana actually forthcoming this time?

We’ve decided to proceed as if there’s an actual banana and put the effort back into his job and have him go for it, but if he’s not enjoying it by next summer, all bets are off.  The good news is that when K signed up with the talent agent, he was very clear about the fact that he didn’t know if he could be available to go on auditions or filming over the next couple of years and that he’s more in the exploratory phase of seeing if it can work.  So I’m really hoping that at this awkward moment of two bridges being available, he can head down one bridge without the other burning to the ground and still being an option.  If we’re lucky, there might be a few opportunities that he wouldn’t have to sacrifice work to take advantage of, so we’re really hoping he can have the best of both worlds here.

This does mean that we’ll probably have to find new preschool/daycare for the girls.  Where we are now is awesome, but it’s also around the corner from K’s current work location which is a part of what makes it awesome.  Now that he’s going to be working 30 minutes north, the location simply may not work anymore.  I think for the time being we’re going to try to make it work since it really is a great facility but I’m not sure how it will.  It’s also a matter of figuring out the scheduling needs of K’s new store (he currently does the delivery shift on Mondays so I can work a half day in the morning but what if the new store has delivery on Wednesday or something?), how consistent his new boss will allow his schedule to be, and how that will work with the preschool and my ability to work.  It’s a whole lot up in the air and frustrating that it’s going to be some time before we can figure out how it’s all going to work out.

The house.  Well, the land is cleared and we haven’t heard any updates on the timeline so I’m still under the assumption that it will be finished in the factory next week and delivered within days of completion.  I guess we’re still on track for moving into the house in about 4 weeks.  I can’t wait!!!!!

One more round of major life upheaval over the next 2 months and then we can FINALLY settle into a new normal.  OMG I desperately want a new normal!


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I'm a mom of twin girls in the Pacific Northwest. I run a small pottery studio out of my backyard which makes me the Mug Making Mama!
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