Famous Nerds

Once again, that video of the 2 Cellos performing for an 18th century audience showed up in my feed today.  I love that video.  It got me to thinking, how many people have become famous, have had wild success, excelling at the very things that would make them called nerds in middle school?

This is a list I hope to constantly add to so I can show it to the girls one day and prove to them that it doesn’t matter how dorky your passion – excel at it and a fan club will find you.  Please add to this list in the comments!

2 Cellos

Bill Nye

Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Chris Hardwick

Wil Wheaton

Felicia Day

The entire cast and crew of Mythbusters

Alton Brown

Bill Gates

Steve Jobs

Jim Henson

Jeff Dunham

Bobby Fischer

Weird Al Yankovic


About alexmmr

I'm a mom of twin girls in the Pacific Northwest. I run a small pottery studio out of my backyard which makes me the Mug Making Mama!
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