The house has landed!

I repeat, the house has landed!  It is sitting on the property and people are doing more and more final touches every day!

They let me sneak in and do a quick walk around.  Most of the rooms don’t photograph well because, well, they’re just rooms.  But here’s a couple of things:

This is the pla0902151021dy room / family room.  For some reason they put in an electric fireplace (TACKY!) even though they engineered enough space for the wood burning fireplace we ordered.  This is a correction that will need to be made before moving in.


0902151018Here is a portion of our master bathroom.  What you can’t see is the shower that’s behind where I was standing, and you notice the corner of the room just barely in the picture by the bathtub?  That’s actually the wall to the little room that holds the toilet.  So the toilet is behind it’s own door meaning a person can still pee when someone else is using the bathroom for other purposes!

And this is the best part.  This is the middle of the house.  The kitchen!


That door in the middle?  Yeah, that’s to the walk in pantry.  It’s big enough that you could just about fit a full sized bed in there!

We’re close to finally being done with this whole mess!


About alexmmr

I'm a mom of twin girls in the Pacific Northwest. I run a small pottery studio out of my backyard which makes me the Mug Making Mama!
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