Hi all!  I’m Alex, the Mug Making Mama.  What makes me a mug making mama?  Well I’m raising twin girls were born in June 2012 and I’ve got a small pottery studio in my backyard.

Now let me introduce the people I’ll be talking about a lot.

img_8984 I suppose I should start with myself.  I just turned 40.  I’m having issues with that, but oh well.  One of the biggest things to know is that we went through a lot to have our girls.  We had to go through IVF and the devastating loss of our first set of twins at 19 weeks.  The 5 years of struggle with that loss and then the struggle of raising twin babies was documented in my first blog, First Time Twins.  I’m leaving that blog behind and starting this one because the miserable person there isn’t the person that I am anymore.  I’m a much happier, more content person who’s ready to look forward instead of backwards.

Today, I’m a big fat mama who’s working on the big fat part and doing my best to enjoy the mama part.  I’m a geek, a former stage manager, a former videographer, and now I’m working part time as an admin while focusing on raising my kids.  When I’m able, I spend as much time as possible in my pottery studio getting dirty.  I’m also a true introvert, one of the reasons I enjoy blogging.  I enjoy talking to people in this format without all of that scary face to face chit chat.

My challenges as a mom – I’m way over protective.  That’s because I tend to a be a pretty scared person in general.  I’m working really hard at giving the girls enough freedom to learn without giving myself panic attacks.  I’ve also never been around children a whole lot so I don’t have much experience to draw on.  I’m winging it!  And as is quite evident with my big fat butt, nutrition and exercise are huge problems for me so I’m working hard at not passing those challenges on to the next generation.  I’m working really hard to fight against my own natural desire for laziness and junk food to make being active and eating well the norm for my kids.  That means I’m trying to learn how to cook.  I keep the fire department on speed dial for that endeavor.

Our challenges as a household – Because K works in retail, our schedules are nuts.  Every week he has a different schedule, and my part time work schedule fits in to the slots that he’s home.  This means we’re rarely home at the same time so we don’t get a lot of relaxed parenting time when we’re both here to make the day easier.  We’re also not wealthy people.  We’re relatively secure in that we always have the means to keep the fridge stocked and the electricity running, but we have been known to put a car payment on a credit card during a tight month.

20141129_194050This is my husband K. He’s the epitome of the “nice guy” and I’m the smart woman who recognized him as the “nice guy” that all the girls talk about wanting to marry but have trouble finding.  Well I found him!  He’s a retail manager by day, actor by night, and incredible father and husband all the minutes in between.  We just celebrated our 10th anniversary and let me tell you, when you marry the right person, marriage is pretty damned easy even when life is hard.

He’s also a geek, more so than I am.  I want to write more descriptions about him, but I think you’ll get to know him pretty well as you read my day to day musings.  But I will say this, in my online mommy group, while everyone else is complaining about their husbands and dreaming of starting a commune with just us ladies and our kids, they all agree that K is the one man who will be invited to join us.


This is Teeny Tiny (TT), so called because she was just under 4lbs at birth and remains teeny tiny for her age.  She’s finally caught up to her sister in weight but remains a bit shorter.

TT is an extrovert, just dives right in to most situations.  Her reactions to life are bigger, bigger laughter, bigger tantrums, she’s a completely in the moment kid.  She’s the good sleeper, loves her crib, and is quick to tell us when it’s night night time.  As for eating, she seems to live on air.  She’ll lick something new you put in front of her, but she’d rather play with her food than actually eat it.  I think she’s sustained mostly by milk.

20150502_164841This is Middie Bidde (MB) so named because she was almost exactly average twin size at birth.  She’s the introvert.  She’ll survey the situation from the corner of the room and get a good grasp on it before entering.  But once she’s in, she’s good!  She’s the one climbing to the top of the tallest slide with no problem.  Getting her to sleep is an issue.  She’ll cry and want to be held rather than go to sleep.  But she eats like a champ.  She’ll give anything you put in front of her a good try before deciding whether or not she likes it.  Even though she’s an introvert, she’s not shy.  She’ll very comfortably sit down with any family at the park and act like she’s one of them.

So that’s my family in a nutshell!  And now that you know who we are, I should go starting writing about us!

To help me understand what you’re interested in reading here, please let me know what brought you here and what you hope to read on this blog.


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