House destruction

I totally intended to blog through this whole process but wow do I ever run short on time!  I simply never have time to sit and write anymore, or even complete a thought.  The girls are suddenly developing by leaps and bounds, language really exploding, and cooperation with me and each other diminishing.

But anyway, here is a progression of the destruction of my house.







0731152039 (1)More to come I’m sure!

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Family day and the runaway

0701151124Two posts in one!

First, we finally had a family day.  With our schedules, we just never get to do anything with all four of us.  But that day finally came when K and I both had the same day off and there were very few things that needed to be accomplished taking us away from funner things.

We spent the first half of the day at a trampoline fun house.  There’s not much to say about that because it’s just what it sounds like!  Lots of trampolines and a big play structure.  We had a blast.  The blurrier the pictures, the more fun you were having!


After nap time and a few errands, we finally went swimming!  The main advantage of being stuck in this apartment for the summer is that we do have a pool, but it’s taken more than 2 weeks to be able to use it.  Even though we have puddle jumpers for the girls, neither of us feel safe handling two toddlers who have practically no water experience on our own.  But finally the stars aligned, we were both available, there was enough time before a meal or a sleep and in we went!

We all had a really great time.  The girls were able to float pretty well with the puddle jumpers so we were able to let go of them more than we expected to be able to.  Ok, so Middie Biddie got sick and barfed banana all over me after swallowing some water, but other than that it went pretty smoothly!

And then there was today.  Today was a bit of a mess.  Still is actually, it’s only 1pm.

The plan was for me to take the girls to preschool, go to work for a few hours, and then pick them up and go home since K was working all day.  So I get them there and oh no!  Closed today!  While trying to figure out what to do, I took them to K’s work practically next door, a pet store, so the girls could be entertained for a few minutes while I tried to figure out what to do.  After some phone calls, it became pretty clear that there weren’t a whole lot of choices.  I simply couldn’t go to work so we went to the mall to get a bite to eat and to play in the tot lot in a nice, air conditioned environment.

The playing went fine and after about an hour, both of the girls crawled back into the stroller so I figured they were done and it was time to go home.  As I was buckling Teeny Tiny in, Middie Biddie wandered off.  I thought she had wandered back into the enclosed play space so I did0703151050n’t worry about it too much and continued to deal with Teeny Tiny.  Then when it was time to get Middie Biddie, holy crap where did she go?!?!?!

After a thorough scan of the play area, it became clear she wasn’t in there.  So off Teeny Tiny and I went racing to the doll store 2 doors down.  We passed it on the way in and Middie Biddie was enthralled with all the “babies” so I thought maybe she had scampered that way.  We run in there and no toddler!  Quickly asked the ladies up front if they’ve seen her and tell them to keep her there if they do, then ran back out.  Fortunately, I then spotted a blonde in overalls sitting at a snack table with another family standing by her.  The mom immediately recognized the “OH MY GOD THERE SHE IS” freak out look on my face and told me that they were keeping an eye on her and had contacted security to find me but fortunately I got there pretty quick.

The whole ordeal was probably a total of 2 minutes.  2 minutes of my life that I really did not enjoy.  However, it took three years of parenthood before experiencing those two minutes, so I think we’re doing pretty good!

And now I wait for them to get tired enough for nap time so I can log into work and accomplish about 1/3 of what I actually needed to accomplish today.

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Outting Teeny Tiny

I had grumpy girls today.  No shock considering everyone in the family spent one 24 hour period vomiting their guts out in the last week.

But after getting home, Teeny Tiny got herself contented at her little table while I fiddled on the computer.  After a while, I got up to see what she was doing.

She was drawing circles!  She’s always liked to color (she won a coloring contest after all), but this is the first attempt at drawing or writing something specific that I’m aware of.  And she did it completely unprompted!

I’m so proud and, to use a word my mother uses, delighted.


And now for the dramatic reveal.  Don’t judge!  She was born this way.  My Teeny Tiny….is left handed.  We kind of think they both are, but with Teeny Tiny actually drawing and writing, I’m ready to call it definitively for her.

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Apartment Living

Busy, BUSY couple of weeks.

My father in law came to town for the girls birthday and it was just during that week that we were moving into the apartment.  Had some great times with him, but I wish I could have visited without all this other stuff going on.  The girls now have more talking stuffed animals than we know what to do with!

Unfortunately, those stuffed animals had to be hidden away today because Middie Biddie was barfing all morning.  Happy Father’s Day honey, I’m off to buy a carpet shampooer!  The problem with talking stuffed animals is that you can’t put them through the laundry.  They are always the kids favorites and what they most want when they feel like crap, but if they get barfed on, well that’s it.  The vomit soaks in immediately and there’s just no way to clean them due to the internal electronics.  So I now have a closet full of talking puppies and Mickey Mice in my bedroom.

Apartment living is just frustrating.  There’s a lot of little things that I took for granted living in my own house that I didn’t realize at the time.  Like sound echos in here.  Every sound seems so magnified!  We often had the TV volume at 25 at the house, but now if it’s above 10 I feel like it’s reverberating off the walls.

Taking out the garbage is a hassle because the bin is a full building away.  I don’t feel like I can step that far away from the apartment unless K is home too so I’m feeling like a trapped rat all the time.

And not being able to screw anything into the walls is really messing with me.  All of the furniture is now clumped together so I can latch things to each other to prevent anything from being pulled over since I can’t latch it to the wall.  Command hooks are swell, but they have their limitations!

I didn’t bring my big massive desk and that has come with a whole new set of frustrations.  The main one being my computer mouse.  I don’t use a regular mouse, I use a trackball.  Now that I’m using a smaller desk, the girls can reach it and oh boy do they love the big red marble on Mommy’s desk!  That was an hour of my life searching for that thing I’ll never get back.  I now put it in my pocket or in a drawer any time I’m away from my desk.  Didn’t anticipate that being a frustration at all.

Teeny Tiny keeps pressing against the screen door to the deck.  In my own home, I wouldn’t care, but here I have to because if she rips it, well that’s not ours!

And I’m really sick of listening to my neighbor hork up and spit his insides out.

I’m told we’ll be here until about the end of September.  The end of this adventure doesn’t feel like it’s getting any closer.  Every day we get through seems to delay the end another day.

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Losing my give a damn

We got the keys to the new apartment the other day and have been taking a box over here and there to get a head start for when the movers come tomorrow and we officially move.

Yesterday afternoon, K took the girls over to the apartment while I was at work and they played for about an hour or so.  K posted a video (apparently I can’t do that on wordpress?) of the girls giggling and using the plastic bins as bongos, having a grand old time.  They were there for an hour or two around noon.

We came back in the evening to take over some more stuff and to have dinner.  Trying to get the girls accustomed to doing some daily activities in the new space before we move them out of the old one.  We arrived to find a note at our door.  In very nice handwriting, someone asks us to please keep the running and screaming down.

I already feel like I just don’t belong in this world.  I always feel like I’m totally ignorant of social norms and etiquette and I’m working really hard every moment of every day to NOT be the person that other people are thinking “that jerk” about.  I had spent the previous evening at the apartment putting some clothes away and got real paranoid because I could tell that the footsteps from my fat ass walking around must sound like elephants dancing to the people below.  I was starting to stress out about being an inconsiderate neighbor simply by walking around my apartment.  I started to do what I always do, shrink within myself and feel bound to simply not move around too much for fear of disturbing others.

So at first, that note kicked my ass.  We hadn’t even spent 4 hours total in the apartment over the course of 2 days and already we’re the jerks of the building and the neighbors hate us!  All of my worst fears realized!!!  They don’t like me, waaaaahhhhhh!

Then, I got pissed.  Really neighbor, really?  We don’t even live there yet and already you want me to try to stifle my children playing in the middle of the fucking day?  Yeah, no.  I worked my ass off for the pleasure of listening to children laughing and running around and I’ll be damned if I’m going to try to silence it now that I finally have it.

I have double three year olds and they are naturally going to make noise.  Fortunately for me, their happy playing noise to tantrum ratio is about 90:10.  I suspect that will be more 50:50 the first few weeks after the move and then back to normal.  There is no way in hell I am going to tell my children that being happy is wrong and impolite!  And we don’t have an obnoxious household.  Things are pretty much quiet from 9pm – 9am and any noise during the daytime hours is perfectly reasonable.

So I pulled out a bouncy horse and told the girls get bouncing!

Congratulations nosy neighbor, you dun broke my give a fuck.  40 years of tiptoeing around this world, honing my “don’t bother anybody” skills and preparing to tighten myself even further when I actually became your neighbor and you destroyed my people pleasing tendencies in one sentence.  If working my ass off to not be a bother wasn’t good enough for you, then I’m not even going to put in the effort of trying anymore.  My efforts are better spent elsewhere.  I’m going to live my life and since I know I’m incapable of being a complete asshole, I’m only going to get pissed when you complain because I know for a fact that your complaints are unreasonable.  But thank you.  40 years of shrinking within the tightening boundaries of my own skin has been pretty uncomfortable and you just broke me free.

Yes, I will be polite, but other than a general consideration for those around me, I simply don’t give a fuck anymore.  No more letting 10 cars cut in front of me, 1 gets to merge and then it’s my fucking turn.  No more stepping to the very corner of the elevator when 1 other person joins me, I’ll step slightly off center and that’s it.  No more waiting for several minutes while someone at the grocery store reads all the labels blocking my path forward, your cart will be moving after a single “excuse me” whether you choose to move it or not.

I’m 40 and it’s my turn.

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They’re Three!!!

The 0608151958agirls turned three today!  Unfortunately K and I had to work, but we were able to go to a nice dinner with all the grandparents.  The girls spent the evening doing pretty much exactly what a three year old wants to do, getting filthy in their favorite princess dresses!

I want to write a whole bunch but I’m just exhausted.  So much going on this week that I don’t have the energy to get my stress out via words.

But I have 2 three year olds!

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Always different with the pros

0604151042I’m finding that my kids are very different with other people than they are with me.  I’ve heard that from other parents before, as well as preschool teachers who later became parents themselves.  Why is this the case?

Oh well.  Finally got the girls their first real hair cuts.  I have been cutting their bangs out of their eyes but it was time for someone who knew what they were doing to have a go at it.

While K was having his haircut, I found out that I’m the mom that’s constantly chasing her kids with “don’t touch that!  Put that back!  Come back here!!”  I hate being that mom but I’ve got two that are interested in everything so I’m not sure how to avoid it.

0604151040bI warned them that Teeny Tiny was going to fight the hair stylist tooth and nail because that’s what she’s always done at home whenever we touch her hair.  Bringing out the hairbrush makes her scramble away yelling “no no!” and she’s been doing that since long before she had enough hair for it to tangle.  But for the pro, not even a flinch!  We even pushed our luck and had her braid it and not one peep!

The girls turn 3 tomorrow.  Moving on Friday.  FIL scheduled to arrive in the area some time today.  Busy week!

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